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Updates and news to share

Chiks suffers with sad Kerala

The world watched in August as Kerala, so-called 'God's Own Country', was devastated by the worst weather experienced there in almost a century. The media and web coverage here and internationally featured mass destruction and distress as weeks of heavy rain tore...

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Thank You from Priya and friends

Priya shines at the  Home and she does at her school. She tells us always how thankful she has been - and also to her mother, for years of sacrifice : "I love my Mummy but there was nothing at our poor tribal house and no chance to study. She was very sad...

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Update From Our Homes

All children and staff have escaped injury despite the extreme rainfall and flooding causing damage to both our Homes in the severely hit mountainous areas. We are in touch with the Homes albeit communications are limited. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people...

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