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Delightful comments from supporters are always welcome – and so appreciated by what is a small all-volunteer team.

Quite often money comes with the words, which is even more welcome! The really good news is that 2020 opened with another flurry of welcome words and money!  And we’re now able to crack on with the very long-awaited modern ‘new kitchen’ development at the Little Flower home.

We appealed again for help in the winter months and saw a cluster of cheques and banknotes arrive… and one online donation of several thousands of pounds! So we’re now able to call in the Kerala builders.

With the best part of £30,000 originally wanted to create the two-storey kitchen, the project stopped and started as emergencies had to take priority; the project was halted in 2017 when nothing more than the concrete shell of the building was completed. Then came the new year appeal success allowing us to complete the upper (meal-production) floor, before then turning attention to finding the money to complete the ground floor storage area.

We’ll do it, for sure. Meanwhile, it’s positively lip-smacking to anticipate all those new-kitchen curries soon on the way!