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Providing a secure and loving refuge for vulnerable people – essentially victims of poverty – was always the first priority for the couple running the Little Flower Home. Initially, that meant adults unable to care for themselves; later, through Chiks, separate facilities were provided for boys and girls in dire need.

Total numbers with staff and volunteers grew to 200 and then almost 300, as today – and that’s at least 600 meals a day! Yet, always, food storage and meal preparation/ cooking has to be confined to makeshift space.

It had been a relief when a smoke-filled and blackened space between building was abandoned, but with material and other costs meanwhile soaring in India, our ‘New Kitchen’ dream remained just that . . .

A basic shell was started but funding ran out.

But we’re now thrilled to announce that through a leading supporter with a company connection, the years-long impasse is to be broken. The engine-room of the new building, where food is to be prepared and cooked, is about to take shape!

The best part of £20,000 has, in total, been invested in the project, and just a further £7,000 to £8,000 (at current prices) will see us with a dream-come-true!!