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The worst of monsoon season damage for Chiks’ Homes, costing up to more than £70,000, was suffered by children and staff at our Carmel Matha Home, in the most severely hit district of Kerala. Thankfully, rapid responses from service organisations Lions and Rotary enabled us to get a building firm on-site and the threatened main structure was well supported before further funding was found and workmen fixed the damage.

Fractures in walls and concreted floors resulted in flood-water pouring through the building, and all occupants had to be evacuated. Meanwhile, at another severely hit area of Kerala, damage to our Little Flower Home included a dairy farming project – where mud slip carried away much structure.

But the work is completed, including an exercise and inspection yard for the cows adjacent to the large cowshed. Here, our photo shows the final touches to the restored yard, ready for the next visit from a vet. So sadly, two cows died after falls during stormy weather; apart from the tragic loss, replacements – providing the children with fresh milk daily – will add at least a further £1,000 to our fundraising targets.