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Plenty of people – visitors and volunteers – head for Kerala and our Homes, dropping by or maybe staying for weeks to help.

And in all the years, never have we had a negative report; they’re always so full of the surprise and love the experience. Of course, the children’s welcome is something else!

Even London teacher Adam, a deeply committed supporter who longed for the opportunity to see first-hand something of Chiks’ work, was overwhelmed. “There’s so much going on – and such happiness and contentment.”

He barely noticed that the monsoon season that was pounding the place – though he was soon left in no doubt when the boys had him join them for a ritual soccer game! Yes, even in deepening muddy water!

“The staff and children were wonderful,” he said “And those meals! Amazing – I’ve never eaten so much.”

Adam had taken out to India a case packed with stock for our medical centre, and the next UK visitor could be Ali, who will also be taking extra baggage . . . this time a mix of new and good condition used clothing.

That also is much in demand always, not least to fit out new young arrivals, who will have appeared wearing all that they possessed . . . !