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We thought that all damage caused by the exceptionally fierce monsoon storms, last year, had been identified . . . and costed. But more of our Homes’ structures had been weakened than we’d thought, and the appearance of damp patches inside a dormitory building has alerted us to mini-fractures.

The most severe of these, to cost thousands to repair, was about to be dealt with on the roof, when – how’s this for bad luck! – we heard that the toilet system in the same house had totally broken down. So that became the new priority and we’ve needed to start again finding the roof repair cash!

Our last newsletter told of £44,000 having thus far been raised and spent on the restoration of two Chiks’ Homes hit by the 2018 killer monsoon (hundreds in Kerala died and over a million people had been made homeless).

Well, thanks to our wonderful supporters of course, we have now raised more than £50,000, with some £9,000 yet to be found. It has been an enormous strain on this smaller, non-profit charity, but the whole episode has clearly said so much about the value people place on Chiks’ humanitarian work.

It is also clear that much more help is needed. The Brexit factor and others have reduced the numbers who regularly support us – so PLEASE encourage your friends, won’t you? Our most recent newsletter (Summer 2019) tells the story of the grim monsoon disaster but also reflects the joy and hope we bring into young lives.

Help us bring smiles to no-hope children – including those from desperately poor tribal areas. Contact Robin ( and join our mailing list. He’d love to hear from you.