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Time sure slips by at a pace . . .   We’re still trying to sort the last of so many expensive problems caused by the 2018 major monsoon, as the children’s homes prepare for the start of the 2019 storm season.

If you’d like to help, now’s the time!

Trouble is that it’s only when there’s a spell of heavy rainfall that certain areas of damage, usually unseen fractures in concrete walls and floors, come to light.

Like the concrete terraced roof above one of the dormitories, where dampness spotted by girls on interior walls, drew attention to the damage – and now such extra work is costing another few thousand pounds on top of the £58,000 we already knew about!

And when finally the worst of the weather is over, we will want to lift the children’s spirits and put a smile on the faces of our buildings – redecorating the Homes. Another costly job for non-profit Chiks.

Yes, any contribution is welcome.   See our ‘How to Help’ website page.  Thank you!