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Our children need you…

A caring couple from UK,  Jean and Maurice P, wrote to us following a visit to Kerala and our Homes, bursting with pleasure.   “It was so thrilling to meet the newest member of our family!”

We knew they’d long wanted to sponsor – to help us safeguard the future of our Homes and get to know a young Indian child.   And, after hearing from us about a boy identified as a possible ‘contact child’ for them, they couldn’t wait to book flights and get out to Kerala to meet him!

Jean and Maurice were so happy in coming to know the boy – aged seven.    Suddenly, as they told us, “we had another grandson.”   In fact, a ‘grand-daughter’ too, since they soon discovered that his sibling had also been taken into care.

The children can now look forward to a few lovely surprises on their birthdays and at Christmas at least.  “We watched enthralled as the children responded to what we can only describe as love in action. Everywhere, smiles and laughter, and broken young lives mended.   I felt very emotional,” said Jean.

The two children are among more recent arrivals at the Home, having been taken there after their father died. Their young mother, in her 20s, had been married off at only 14, and missed out on education. She so wanted her children to have a good life – and Chiks would ensure that they had education and career training if required. The sponsoring couple are especially happy to know, too, that the children and their mother keep in contact.   “We’d love to meet her one day.”

PLEASE.   Do get in touch and talk to us.   With sponsorship, everyone concerned is a winner.    The cost?    Care today costs us around £500 a year per child, so we need to ask for £300 pa (£25 a month) at least . . .

  • Chiks and the children need you.     Write to Mrs Olive Biggs, at 5 Deer Park View, Odiham, Hampshire RG29 1JY (01256 701723 or .   Or to Robin Radley, at 13 Lickfolds Road, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4AF.    Email: