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“Chiks?  Yes, doing a good job.”

We asked Robin Radley how he feels about such a positive endorsement of Chiks’ work.

“We’re told that so often, and it sure is nice to know that such is the general view . . .   but our latest shopping list from one Home would surprise just about all our supporters.

Food for the children, books and games, school uniforms.   That’s just about as far as most people’s thoughts likely extend when trying to picture life at our Homes.”

Robin, never one to waste an opportunity, didn’t hesitate to let us know the latest wish list…

“Should you want to help a little more” he continues, “even to encourage others, here’s a sample of current needs:

New bedding £50

Cupboards £320

Water machines £130

Replace old TV £220

Extra kitchen equipment £65

Floor tiling in dormitories £600

Repairs to toilets and washroom £2,300

These are just a sample of what each Home  must have – new items or if possible good reconditioned ones, but also continual repairs and replacements.   That list can be a long one – it can add anything from more umbrellas needed to protect from fierce rains or sunshine (yes, cheap, but a lot of them), to several gas cyclinders a month at £25 a time, to provide lots of meals for lots of children!

Of course, you could always join the ranks of Chiks’ sponsors . . .  Guaranteed sums monthly (even annually) can be such a help in planning.”