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We try to do so much for our children in care. Almost all of our boys and girls have had a pretty awful start in life, coming into our Homes with virtually nothing materially, next to no understanding of the real world and with only the most basic of life skills.

If, as many do, they come into our lives frightened of what may lie ahead for them (some children are physically sick on appearing at our gates), the constant smiles and laughter that greet them quickly dispel anxieties.   And friendships are instant!

Add the nourishing meals, comfort and nice clothes that add to the ‘happiness’ therapy, and their confidence grows.    Sadly, funding for another therapy – a change of scene – is always a problem; our truly wonderful supporters allow us to meet so many costs, but there is too little to provide everything.

We want the children to experience more of their naturally lovely State of Kerala, and just look at the joy on the faces of these girls sharing a day in the country.  The burden of restoring the damaged Homes following the monsoon flooding set us back heavily, but the young people needed a break . . .

  With YOUR support the structural work will be done sooner and the children can be taken on ‘jollies’ more often (and that includes some lusty singing to pop music aboard our school buses!).