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We all know that feeling and where so many of our children are concerned, it’s been especially important for them to have changes of scene after the death and destruction they were so close to during last year’s monsoon floods.

They’d love to get to know Kerala and indeed India, having read so much national history and geography at school; sadly we’ve simply been unable to arrange for home-grown youngsters to get to see much of what international tourism is doing every day of the week. The expense is far too great.

Kerala alone is little known to them or, indeed, the local towns.  So our compromise is to help the Homes to pay for occasional bus outings to the seaside and the hills, and almost anything in-between; including nature reserves, adventure playgrounds, airports to plane-watch, waterfalls and lakes etc.

Many of the children love the peace and tranquility of a richly-coloured garden centre – especially if bottled drinks and ice-cream are available . . .  There are amazing churches and temples – so much history.  Or a 21st century hot favourite – the Metro, with its smooth journey in slick, clean air-conditioned coaches, and offering such views above the city.

We need funds for so much, but let us know a gift is for a treat and be sure that’s how it will be used.