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 Although following last year’s monsoons and the ensuing damage some planned works had to be revised . . . our marvellous supporters have enabled us to continue with much needed projects where a start had already been made.   What is it?   What else but a kitchen!   At least, it will be one day; we just need £10,000 to finish the work and get cooking …

The Little Flower Home has always ‘made do’ when it comes to meals, magically producing hundreds of them a day from either choking, smoke-filled temporary space, or makeshift accommodation that leaks water in the rainy seasons and ‘roasts’ the staff at other times. But in 2017 we moved cattle from the ground here that today supports that two-storey shell of a building; the cows enjoy a 3-star modern cowshed. Meanwhile we aim to store catering supplies at ground level and prepare the 800-plus meals a day on the upper level.

Everyone’s so excited at the prospects.    Indeed, as you’ll have noted, a queue of youngsters has already begun to form! Just click on our ‘How to Help’ button to find out more!