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“If ever a tribute was due to our wonderful supporters, now’s the time,”  says Chiks’ Robin Radley.

“Workmen are on-site at the Home worst hit in the 2018 monsoon flooding, Carmel Matha Santhi Bhavan, and can at last see that the building is safe. At first there were fears that the fate of our Carmel Matha Home was . . . demolition, so severely undermined were the walls and roof.

But metal posts, rushed in as the first part of Chiks’ £30,000 bill was transferred to India, did the trick.  With the children evacuated, workmen laboured long hours and a steady flow of supporter help towards that large target at last allows us to look forward to completion.   Meanwhile work is also continuing at our Little Flower Home where damage included the collapse (through mudslip) of walls and other structural issues, and the urgent need to prevent further earth-fall from adjacent hillsides.”

Robin concludes, “With further funding we can stop the threat once and for all.   A giant retaining wall of rock, costing thousands of pounds, must be completed before the next serious monsoon, since fissures in the weakened hillside will open up and a dormitory block for 60 boys is in the line of fire from falling rock and trees . . . !”