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Robin writes “It is only when visits are made to the families of some of our young people, that we’re reminded of the sort of conditions they left, when so much younger, to come into Chiks’ care.  Our older girls invariably look so bright and positive; so confident.

Can these be the little ones who, ten years ago, came into our lives – invariably in poor health, so nervous and reserved?   What a difference regular nourishing meals, wonderful fun and companionship can make, together with a happy Home, plus Chiks’ funding, including vital sponsorships.

Money from Chiks’ sponsors helps ensure that our Homes can survive even when, as last year, dreadful monsoon flooding hits us financially so very hard.    And that sponsorship guarantees continuing education for the children and young people – wonderful for them as they look forward to taking on the world as self-assured candidates for jobs or college places.

Not only that, but these older girls and the boys experience the immense satisfaction of knowing that they will one day be instrumental in finally ending what is an indescribable cycle of severe family poverty . . .

We are so proud of our young people, and they would wish to join us in thanking Chiks’ sponsors and other donors.”