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Welcome to Chiks Children's Homes in Kerala State, India





 Love and Caring

The heart and passion of our orphanages


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Our Homes

Twenty-two years ago Chiks opened its first orphanage, closely followed by an additional two homes, all managed by dedicated Indian couples. Self-sufficiency was the aim and farmland was added to the homes. Here is how a shared dream became a reality…..

Our Mission

We are about rescuing desperately poor children and, through health care and education, giving them something to smile about! This Trust, registered with the Charity Commission, is committed to acting ethically and with integrity at all times as it seeks to help the poorest of the poor in southern India.

How To Help


Following the devasting monsoon rains this summer and further monsoon weather in October we are desperate to complete extensive remedial work. But the cost of damage to our orphanages is stretching this non-profit charity to the limit…..

Years of caring


Children enjoying total care and education

More funds URGENTLY needed after monsoon flooding damage at Homes

Working towards self sufficiency farming

Educating the children is breaking the poverty cycle

Our buses keep children safe on the roads

Fund Raising Events

We are continually invited to give talks to clubs and societies, to churches and schools. And it is a fascinating story to tell, of volunteers in the UK working hand in hand with remarkably inspirational men and women in India who are devoting their lives to changing forever that of ‘no-hope’ children.

We arrange a range of activities, from concerts to sales – and encourage others to similarly plan in support of our Homes and children. And meanwhile? Our remarkable friends in Kerala are steering many of our boys and girls towards success, whether it is a seriously disadvantaged child striving to get to grips with their own language or a bright youngster heading towards a career (perhaps with a vocational qualification or even a degree – it’s no rarity!).

Our friends out there are people with great humanity and some amazing talents – one of whom had worked for many years alongside Mother Teresa. So do please come to us to find out more, and perhaps how you can fundraise for us . . . More financial support means more dreams that destitute children have really can come true.

Please do get in contact with us with any questions you may have :

Mrs Olive Biggs, Chiks secretary, and trustee:

Mr Robin Radley, chairman of trustees:

A special thanks to our supporters

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