Children’s Homes in Kerala State, India

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Please help!     

Chiks’ supporters have been with us through the good times and also these years of great financial challenge. Help was never more urgently needed, as charitable giving continues to decline and the cost of living in India continues to rise.

Thanks to donors, the children in our care are doing a lot better than the poor majority in Kerala, but malnourishment and sickness are a continual threat.   

In fact, while we welcome any financial help from subscribers, anyone newly wishing to support Chiks with sponsorship of the Homes is asked to pay £18 a month.  Until 2013 the scheme saw Chiks receive £144 a year per child but with the cost of living soaring in Kerala, the new estimate of child care costs of about £300 a year is now at more than £400!    But we are maintaining our revised 2013 figure of £216 pa for our sponsors until at least 2018.    The money is, as ever, to provide for the Home and all children in care, though sponsors are able to communicate through a named 'contact' child . . .    And to the delight of the children many do!

Please sponsor our homes

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