Children’s Homes in Kerala State, India

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Thanks to the great support of Rotary Clubs our Little Flower Home now has a wonderful 'polyhouse' - a giant greenhouse that will be producing tons of  vegetables and fruit annually for the 300 individuals on-site.    They and our Carmel Matha Home also now have additional high-quality cows, providing more milk for the children. All part of Chiks' sustainability drive.

To maintain the Homes and provide for over 200 individuals, we desperately need more donors - hopefully signed up to provide something monthly, quarterly or annually.    More than half those in care now have a Chiks' UK contact and many of those supporters have been or are planning a visit to Kerala.    Happily, the experience - as more than one of them later reported - is often described as "Amazing!".

Education breaks poverty cycles.     Concerned about the lack of opportunities for very poor families, Chiks has launched a 'School Shop' initiative - appealing for funds to ensure that every child coming into our care will have school books, uniform etc., and under a new 'Fund for Life' banner, young people stepping from a Chiks' Home and into independence will take with them money to meet the bills until they get a job.

Help us, won't you?     Chiks' founder who, with trustees and friends, has celebrated 20 years with a most memorable Tea Party! (see the Newsletter link under How to Help), hopes to hear.    Write to: Robin Radley MBE, 13 Lickfolds Road, Rowledge, Surrey GU10 4AF -