Children’s Homes in Kerala State, India

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Hill Homes


A few years after opening the original orphanage in Kerala, Chiks

helped other strongly motivated Indians to open orphanages.   We also

bought a neglected farm and today it is on-course to sustain those Hill


So, in addition to the Main Home (Karunanilayam) we are providing for children at two others that we founded at Munnar, on the Tamil Nadu border, and Carmel Matha Santhi Bhavan, on the road to Bangalore.     

They are supporting about 150 children, largely from destitute tribal

backgrounds – families often existing in wild and remote areas with no

basic facilities.

Mathew Manuel and his wife Molly, inspired by the late Blessed Teresa,

started a Home for destitute adults – then together we launched

a new house at Little Flower for the care of children. Brother Joy Daniel

and his wife Dora are running the other Home, Carmel Matha Santhi

Bhavan, providing for rescued street children.

2016 saw a medical centre launched at Little Flower where our 120-plus children and 170 destitute adults live.

Farm production prospects are good – but right now the children’s

Homes and the farm are threatened by the current financial



Committed supporters are doing so much for the charity and the Homes

but more help is needed or the future of our children, and all those who

will surely follow in their footsteps, will be in doubt.  

New subscribers are welcome – and so are sponsors of the Homes, who are asked for just £18 a month – a lot less than the actual cost of keeping a child.  

Sponsors are put in touch with a child in care and have the satisfaction of knowing that another girl or boy will delight in having contact with kind strangers in far-off UK.

Please sponsor our homes

Sister Mary (below) started the first home, followed by Brother Joy (above left) and Mathew Manuel (right), who run the Hill Homes. They’re pictured here with their wives.