Children’s Homes in Kerala State, India

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The story

of Chiks

For most boys and girls brought to us, or who appear at the gates after years of cruelty or neglect, life had been one of indescribable poverty. No proper home, inadequate meals, little or no health care. Seldom any education.

Sister Mary and other wonderfully driven Indian friends are, with Chiks’ support (from donors and sponsors), changing such young lives, bringing them health, education, fun and friendships. And the children can also look forward to a bright future, since we offer training for independence as they approach their middle teenage years.   

Here’s how many of the children are found - vulnerably on the streets or at railway stations. And (as below) we bring love and a real future

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A very special woman, trained by Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity, was caring for some fifty disabled people when I came across her in a crumbling building in a poor fishing village in the south of India (writes Robin Radley).     

Years later, in the 1990s, Sister Mary and I, sharing a dream about one day helping some of India’s homeless children, heard that all those in her care were one day to be transferred to a new home. It could, we thought, allow us to go ahead and create an orphanage in her native State of  Kerala.

So great was the need to bring love and care to children that the first group  arrived at our Karunanilayam, home of mercy, even before it was completed. “What next?” I asked Mary after meeting those children.  She replied, “One healthy cow and one well.”     


Chiks, a small but very active charity, was launched and registered before the turn of the century. Today we are providing for more than 200 children in three orphanages, and we’re developing a farm . . .

We bring love and laughter, and the chance of a good life